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Prince of Peace - Christmas CD

New release!

Prince of Peace Christmas music


$9.95 + Shipping
“This CD stays true to the melodious acoustic feel you’ve come to expect from our music but with some added touches reminiscent of TSO.”











Hymns of Ancient Love Worship CDAncient Love worship music cd

This album will transport you through the ages!

The fresh original arrangements recreate these powerful and inspiring hymns and they will inspire a profound loving connection between you and Christ Jesus.


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Hymns of Ancient Love Song Titles
1.  How I Love Thee, Precious Jesus:
     Ada Rose Gibbs 1864-1905

2.  My Love in the Night Sky:
     Words: Linda Spaulding 1963- , music: Irish traditional.
     Words © 2012. Levite Ministry. All Rights Reserved.

3.  Though I My Speak:
     [The Gift of Love: Words: Hal H. Hopson. ©1972 Hope
     Publishing Company, All Rights Reserved music: English folk

4.  I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say/Oh The Deep Deep Love of  Jesus:
     Horatius Bonar 1808-1899/Samuel Francis 1834-1925,
     music: Thomas Williams 1869-1944

5.  The Love of God:
    Frederick M. Lehman 1868-1953

6.  King of Love My Shepherd:
     Words: Sir Henry Baker 1821 – 1877,
     music: Ancient Irish melody

7.  What Wondrous Love is This:
     Words: Alexander Means 1801-1883,
     music: William Walker 1809-1875

8.  I Look to You and You are Love
     (to the tune of My Faith Has Found a Resting Place—a 
     Norwegian Folk Melody) words by Ken Bible ©1993, All Rights Reserved

9. My God, My Portion:
    Franz J. Haydn 1732-1809
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